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Astro Windows - Premier Institute offers Vedic Astrology Courses online and regular batches Indian born, Komilla Sutton is one of the pioneers in making this subject more accessible for Western readers. He is the son of the most famous Vedic astrologer of all times B. Raman, who has been chosen as the Jyotishi to explain the science of Vedic astrology to the United Nations. He inherited from his Father the traditions of Jyotish and Vastu and is presently the publisher of Vedic astrology Magazine started by his Father since He has authored several bestseller books in English and regional languages of India.

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He has lectured, conducted seminars and given professional consultations to individuals, corporate layouts,…. He is a Jaimini Scholar and has lectured extensively on Jyotish and Ayurveda worldwide. Krishna Darshan, who hails from Uruguay, is a direct disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda and has been a yoga and meditation teacher for more than 28 years in South America, Europe and USA.

Keiko Ito, from Tokyo, started studying western astrology from a young age, and started with Jyotish in with her teacher, Komilla Sutton. She regularly holds Jyotish-themed workshops at Sivananda Yoga Tokyo Center, is a full-time translator in four languages and a part-time Vedic astrologer with clients in Japan and Europe. He began his studies under Ronnie Dreyer and continues his studies under the guidance of Komilla Sutton.

Sthapati Ganapati, a world renowned traditional architect of Southern India who relies on Vaastu principles in his projects. He also holds a B. A in Humanities from the University of Chicago. The teachings of yoga have had a profound effect on my life, and eventually brought me to the study of Vedic Astrology. He founded The American Academy of Vedic Art and Science in , and is currently teaching the first Vedic Astrology Certification program through the Academy to more than 60 students. Differences between Vedic and Western astrology Karma and reincarnation Destiny and free will The 9 planets, the 12 houses, the 12 signs, the effects of planetary aspects The main yogas in the chart The constellations of the moon called Nakshatras The principles of chart interpretation — individual karma, samskaras and mental tendencies, personal duty, mission, work and spiritual path, individual health, potential diseases, weak areas, difficult periods, and ayurvedic constitution Practical examples of chart analysis The yogic remedial measures — counteracting the negative effects and strengthen the favorable effect of the planets.

Jyotish Beginners Course Take advantage of this unique opportunity to study Vedic Astrology for Beginners in an easy to understand but comprehensive course. Vedic Counseling Course The Vedic Counseling course is designed to help serious Yoga teachers, Ayurveda practitioners and Vedic Science practitioners to acquire additional and practical skills to better serve their students or clients on the path of positive living and high thinking.

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Upcoming Dates. Please note that these lessons are meant only for those who are willing to learn astrology and we will cover each topic in depth going forward. Today, we are merely introducing to the subject and therefore have referred to these facts only in passing. The intention behind developing this website on Vedic Astrology is to help seekers of knowledge of Jyotish Astrology.

Hindu Vedic Astrology has been followed in India from ancient times. Rishi Munis of India were able to predict the future accurately with the help of Vedic Astrology.

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Understanding the basic concepts of Vedic astrology at least will protect us from fake astrologers. Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Dates — Panchang. When Ram Mandir will be constructed? Rahu Role in Progeny — Astrology Research. Amit Shah Birth Chart Analysis.

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VedicAstrology. Astrology articles and video lessons by Pandit Welcome to free astro-lessons. Just about fifty years ago the average Indian knew. Over free lessons in astrology. In-depth tutorials for learning astrology, both Western and Jyotish.

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