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Astrology can open doorways with teens that seem closed through generational assumptions. PinkMoon - MarkenAufbau. An easy-to-read and entertaining book written by the star-trader Larry Pesavento, with many case studies. That would seem to be something more fundamental that we could examine. Thanks, Tom Mason. Thinking was cyclic instead of linear or polar. Astrology is the language by which we can access this phenomenal resource.

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Willkommen bei Amanita Market Forecasting! Der wahrscheinlich ungewöhnlichste Börsenbrief auf diesem Planeten. How can I learn financial astrologyFinancial astrology is the use of astrology to analze and forecast the financial markets. Here financial astrology is understood .

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Natascha Tucek. Petra Verena Kolb. Restaurant Forthuber. Mahtab Saidi-Zecha. Maya Altenburger Schwitzer. Maaiken Hubmann. Wolfgang Poelzer. Cosmic Cousins. Kensington Palace. You can only push people so far before they push back. Sometimes fiercely. Overall, what it got them was continuing recession and debt crises in Europe, a US economy with paltry growth at best, and China joined the club of getting themselves over-indebted to keep their economy growing, but now that excess of debt is coming back to bite them and their economy is rapidly losing steam.

Japan remains in near-continuous recession no matter what they do. Since the analysis above has been working remarkably well for 18 years, it makes a whole lot of sense to figure that it will keep working for the next eleven years. That was the claim for this cycle, that it would have two phases, one from through , and the second, radically different in tone, from through What could be the cause, the source, of such an influential cycle, one that seems to have changed the energetic tone for the majority of people, from excessive optimism from —, to caution from —?

The table was astrological in nature. At the web site , you can sign up for his free newsletter or paid subscription service. The information above was given to his paid subscribers only. Now I know that some readers here have a low opinion of astrology. I would say two things about that: First, I agree that popular astrology as shown in daily newspapers and glossy magazines is worse than useless.

Second, as with most complex fields of endeavor, there is a small group of practitioners doing excellent work and a much larger group of practitioners who do not. For example, the article at this link contains five predictions Bernanke made in that, armed with the information above, one could see at the time that these were more than likely to be wrong. They turned out to be, in fact, entirely wrong:. Bernanke went further than he had in the past, suggesting that the Fed would remain aggressive and vigilant to prevent a repetition of a collapse like that of Bear Stearns, though he said he saw no such problems on the horizon.

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The point here is that automatically excluding information because of its source can put a person at a distinct disadvantage in understanding how the world works and where it is heading. Anyone who has read more than a couple of my posts knows that I regularly give the US Federal Reserve a well-deserved lambasting for its lies, its attempts to get over-indebted people to borrow and spend more, and its only real goal: protecting the stranglehold that the large banks have on our society.

But I used one of their reports in to decide when to sell out of real estate. They published a great research paper in that analyzed the history of maybe 30 real estate booms and busts from many countries. They said that real estate bubbles popped in the following manner: once sales volume peaked, price peaked, on average, six months later. US sales volume peaked in October , and the US price peak was in June , so their estimate was quite good. I took their research seriously and sold in Feb They, however, did not take their own research very seriously, at least in their public statements.

What is the worst-case scenario if in fact we were to see prices come down substantially across the country?